X-Wing Prize Support

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the prize support waiting for you at the
Brothers Grim Regional!

Along with your entry, everyone will be getting a custom printed initiative token!

 photo 13119086_1121768874534731_352836166181283830_n.jpg
 photo 13095760_1121768844534734_214051616810952249_n.jpg

Signed by Jeremy Bulloch, Boba Fett himself!

This is a random door prize that will be given away at the X-Wing Regional!

 photo BOBA-SIGNED.jpg photo BOBA-SIGNED-CLOSE.jpg

As a special treat for everyone that pre-registers for the X-Wing Regional, we will be raffling off a repainted Firespray, done to pa’s colors, Jango Fett!

 photo 13091998_1121768931201392_2532589621732731598_n.jpg
 photo 13103405_1121769051201380_8300166652912325080_n.jpg
 photo 13094200_1121768947868057_6541237889222871577_n.jpg